Saturday, 18 June 2011

Take one twice a day until no longer required....

I want a magic pill, one that will make me feel as if I have my life in control, make me a better friend, help me to feel empowered and pretty much take the stress out of my existence...
Its not that my life is out of control or sad and pathetic, I just want a quick fix so I can stop trying so hard to be a part of my life and concentrate on the easy stuff - like relaxing in the sun, reading a good book, enjoying my family and just 'be-ing'. 
Surely I'm not the only one?  C'mon, wouldn't you like to stop worrying about whether your bills will be paid on time?  How to make the most of your life?  How to be the best person you can be, without pretending you are someone everyone wants you to be?
We live in a society where it seems everything that ails you can be fixed with a pill, so why not this?
It seems to me life is full of lessons and learning curves, some of them I am sure I could have done without.  I realise they are necessary to help me grow as a person - but hey, just once in a while I'd like to take the day off...

I don't ask for much, I don't care what colour it is, although the size could be an issue if its going to be something I will choke on!  Although I'm guessing that would be a big enough incentive to try and get on with my life without it!

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