Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Funny that...

I was doing some random thinking the other day... about how the number three has played a big part in my life. I'm a numerologist, so these things intrigue me more than most.
My full birth date is a 9 vibration, which is 3 x 3
My Dad is born on a 27 (9), my Mum's total birth date is a 3
My ex husband was born on 27, which equals 9
We were married on a 9, separated on a 27 (9)
My son was born on a 3, my daughter was born on a 9
I met Butch on a 3
Butch was born on a 6 (2 x 3), he was diagnosed on an 18 (9) passed away on 21 (3)
The last house we lived in was a 9, prior to that we lived at 18 (9), 72 (9) 12 (3) 144 (9)  - these are the ones I remember, we lived in the country, so a lot of our addresses didn't have numbers.
We moved to Australia on a 3, in 2003
We married on a 3
I'm now living in Tingalpa and the house number is 21 (3)
I'm finding this a bit of an epiphany. As long as I can remember I have always thought I was all about being a 9, that, as 9 is all about endings (so people tend to come and go), being sensitive to others, spiritually aware and focused, being of service and being a part of the world at large....While these all ring true, the external signs/indicators I have got most of my life have slipped past me.
Although I've always been the class clown (well, until Butch passed I was), it was always a cover to hide the real me, who is shy (yes, I know, hard to believe isn't it, which goes to show how good at it I am!) and feels detached from everyone and everything, in a 'not fitting-in' kinda way. I always took life quite seriously, even when I was doing something fun, it had to be done fully and completely.
When I discovered numerology, the first thing I learnt about myself was that I march to the beat of a different drum and I breathed a sigh of relief!
Anyway, back to my 3 thinking..... 3 is all about being the life of the party, creativity, being sociable, having fun, self expression, making friends effortlessly and being curious, I realised the other day that the message I have been getting from everyone and everything along the way, was to learn how to have fun, to enjoy life as a whole, not just parts of it. So, although I am all about a 9 vibration, I am meant to fully explore my 3 side (fun) as well. I just love those Aha moments!
It's funny how I could have seen that straight away for anyone else as I did their numerology report, but for me...? ...hmm
So, how about you look at your life too and see what numbers have been prominent in your life too... If you post them to my Truth By Numbers wall on Facebook, I'll give you a quick definition.
This isn't so you sign up to my page or anything, I am just curious to know if anyone else has a similar pattern they want to share and learn from.
Numbers don't lie! x