Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Energy is as Energy Does

Today is day One of my 21 day challenge. Everyone seems to have one of these challenges at the moment, so I guess I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I'm not doing it for that reason, it is more about challenging myself. I've decided writing a blog daily for 21 days is to be mine. Why 21 days? Well, I read somewhere it takes 21 days to build a habit and I want to see if at the end days I have.
The difficulty will be finding something specific to write about in this time period. No pressure!
Today has been a weird day for me. I woke up alive and kicking, so to speak. I was bouncing with life and ready to face my day. By about 2:00pm, I had lost that feeling. I was exhausted, jaded and ready for bed.
I went shopping and found I barely had the energy to conduct intelligent conversation. Words just didn't seem to flow as smooth as they always do for me. It felt as if my mask had slipped and with it, any pretense that I was happy and carefree.
The energy around us at the moment is changing ever so quickly, sometimes subtly, sometimes not. This week has been a tough one as my emotions and body have been trying to adjust. I alternate between tears flowing unbidden down my cheeks to racing around dancing to music as it blasts from my stereo. That probably sounds normal to anyone else, but I usually have a reasonably tight hold on my tears and only allow them when it's convenient and I'm out of sight. That's where my mask comes in. It covers and comforts me as I convince myself and others that everything is going well.
As an empath, I pick up on everyone else's 'stuff' as well and, as my energy fluctuates dramatically in this way, it can sometimes be difficult to work out what is mine and what belongs to others.
It takes a lot of inner strength to sit and allow what I'm feeling or thinking to just 'be', to acknowledge and be grateful for these sensations. Any other time it would be the best thing in the world, given that I do psychic readings, but right now I find it more than a little distracting.
I read somewhere that the energy changes we are experiencing are about recalibrating our spirit within this physical form. After reading the symptoms, light-headedness, fatigue, cravings, broken sleep, I could identify with this information...and after all it was synchronistic that I stumbled across it, so I know I was meant to understand what is happening to me.
Perhaps you too have been going through some awkwardness, a feeling of not quite belonging in a place where you have felt safe and warm all these years. It's comforting to know others are experiencing it too, isn't it?
The challenge is in allowing, in trusting and in loving yourself and everything about you, even when things are feeling askew.

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