Monday, 29 July 2013

Keeping it real...

I saw the most amazing thing this morning. I was stuck in traffic near a park for quite a while. I was watching this young man practising shooting hoops. He didn't just stand in one place while he threw the ball. Oh no, he was competing against an entire team. He was grabbing the ball, intercepting it from up high, turning his back so he could block the other player, fighting to get his arms up above the rest of the team. He was continually on the move and definitely the best player there...Actually, he was the only player there.
What I loved about watching him, was that he was living his dream. He wasn't just shooting hoops, he was 'in the game', in the zone' and 'in his dream'. He knew that people driving or walking by could see him, but he wasn't focused on what other people thought or said. His intent was completely on being the best basketball player ever.
As I drove off, I couldn't help thinking I should have paid more attention to what he looked like, so that when he achieves his dream, I will be able to say 'I knew he would!'
How often do we only air part of our dreams and aspirations, in case others make fun of us or tell us we're wrong? And how often do we just step boldly into our dream, without worrying or seeing what is happening on the outer limits? for though, isn't it?

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